Friday, April 21, 2006

Flying related? Well, this picture was taken at launch (Colin Brown took it...the picture) Posted by Picasa

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Colin said...

Jaco, thank you so much for getting me into flying paragliders. It's so nice just to get out of the city close to SanDieMen with all of that fresh air. The view from a paraglider can't be beat. The complete silence, no motors, scooters or cars, just the breeze and the view. Sharing a thermal with the eagles is something that cannot be described. While going in a tandem paraglider with one of the instructors, I can take some beautiful photos of the river, mountains and beautiful eagles.

This is my new home to get away from it all, even if I just sit atop the mountain in the grass enjoying the sounds of birds and the breeze in my face.